Referring adult patients to community diabetes education programs is quick and simple

Diabetes Central Ottawa – Intake & Referral (DCO) is your access point to six Community Diabetes Education Programs offering type 2 and prediabetes adult education in Ottawa and Kemptville. Education teams consist of Registered Dietitians (RDs) and Registered Nurses (RNs); many are also Certified Diabetes Educators (CDEs).

Refer by Fax or Ocean eReferral:

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Free Diabetes Education Services Include:

  • Group and individual diabetes management sessions
  • Insulin and GLP-1 Analog initiation/management (working with Family Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Specialists)
  • Virtual, telephone and individual appointment options with RN and RD
  • Follow-up care, to help adults manage their diabetes
  • Services available in most languages
  • Several service locations, click here to see program locations

DCO’s Six Partner Diabetes Education Programs:

Facts About The Diabetes Education Programs:

  • Referred patients are offered individualized and/or group diabetes education sessions.
  • Schooled in principles of adult education educators assess needs then use a combination of health coaching, motivation techniques, and conversation to facilitate learning and enhance self-management skills.
  • There are additional services and supports your patients can access through the diabetes educators such as foot care assessment, a label-reading course, and grocery store tours.
  • Programs work with referring physicians, nurse practitioners, and specialists when adjusting diabetes medications.
  • Programs are available to adults diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or prediabetes whether they need an endocrinologist or not.
  • Education programs provide referrer status updates.
  • Supported by Ontario Health East; education services are free.